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Kaepjjang April: rounding up

Hello hello! if k-music enthusiasts who have had me in their readers are still hanging around, they might (or not) know I had taken a month long challenge for a poetry writing month. I couldn’t get the chance to review comebacks, despite trying to write about some of the minis in-between this long long month. Safe to say I have been actively listening to new release and enjoying a lot of comebacks, hope you guys have been too — hit me up with some of your favourite releases this month and tell me what do you think about them.

I have prepared a roundup of albums I have listened to so far this month, so without further ado, let’s get right in.

Songs I’ve been playing on the loop this month:
1. Watercolor — Wheein
2. TRASH (feat. pH-1) — Wheein
3. So What — STAYC
4. Dear My Universe — ASTRO
5. Butterfly (Feat. GSoul) — Wheein
6. Love Fool — STAYC
7. Film out — BTS
8. LMLY — Jackson Wang
9. Why Why Why — iKON
10. Kiss Kiss — SHinee
11. Lilac — IU
12. Don’t (feat. RM) — eAeon (hot release)
13. Bye Bye — eAeon
14. Don’t Say No (Feat. Jay Park) — SURL
15. Not For Sale — Enhypen


PENTAGON – Digital Single : DO or NOT (English & Chinese ver.)
Overall very impressed with the English version! Their pronunciation is very clear and the lyricist obviously put some thought into things like rhyming, but the lyrics do seem a touch more awkward than necessary in places. Yanan’s “I don’t understand how we ended up here” and Hui’s “But I can’t deny, it might take a while” were surprisingly good. There are some awkward parts (Yuto’s last part could’ve been smoother), but that’s to be expected. Overall, pretty satisfied. Can’t comment on the Chinese version but I hope it’s better than Daisy’s, considering how the lyrics are written by an actual Chinese person this time (深白色 / Arys Chien). This lyricist has done stuff for EXO, WayV, NCT Dream, and a bunch of other Chinese artists, so I’m assuming the lyrics are better. Regardless, I’d love to get an insight from a native speaker.

SHINee – Atlantis (7th Album Repackage) —
Atlantis was just so good, I love how it feels so new but exactly the sound we love from SHINee. I also loved Area, Onew singing the chorus sounds amazing. (Only an artist with such vocal command can pull off that falsetto). Days and Years is so soft and sweet, and feeling I’m getting from listening to it is exactly like the kind of love they’re describing in the lyrics. It’s not only warm and happiness, but it still makes you feel happy.

It’s interesting how they changed the song order so much. With Don’t Call Me album, the mood with the songs felt like a gradual change starting from the strong and fast Don’t Call Me and ending with soft and slow Kind. But with Atlantis there’s more of a mix with the mood changing much more between songs. Code after Atlantis feels very fitting and I like how the album still ends with Kind. It feels like it was a great choice.

The three new songs are such great additions, it makes this amazing album even better. I didn’t think I could love this album even more but here we are. Everything released by SHinee these past few months is a sole reminder of why I decided to become a fan this year.

Kang Daniel – YELLOW (3rd Mini Album) —
I have enjoyed absolutely everything he has put out so far and this is no exception. And I like that he’s moved through a few sounds. Big shout out to MZMC for amazing work on all of these songs. Each has its own personality but they work together effortlessly. I think the thing that made this album so interesting to me as a whole is how cohesive it is in terms of instrumentation. We have a variety of different genres here but the sorta muffled vocals in the background of the chorus of Digital match the bridge in Paranoia, the muted, slightly distorted electric guitar vibes between Misunderstood and Antidote, and then the way Save U fades out with the echo of a choir is reminiscent of the background choir vocals in the chorus of Antidote as well.

Baekhyun – ‘Bambi’ 3rd Mini Album —
Bambi, All I Got & Cry for Love are holy trinity in my opinion. Colde is one of my favourite k-rnb/hip hop artist so I always look forward to anything he’s involved in, so in saying that, I think I would’ve preferred if he kept Love Scene for himself. it’s not bad or anything, it’s just I realised I haven’t had that thought when it comes to the two previous Baekhyun songs he took part in. I’m definitely most likely in the minority when I say this but Bambi is probably my least favorite title track from him. I still don’t know what to think of it but I do wish we got a live performance from him. I think that would change my mind on the song, seeing it live with the choreo and all. I like the b-sides though.

WJSN – ‘UNNATURAL’ 9th Mini Album —
This album is pretty decent and Unnatural is one of my favourite songs so far. I really love the b-sides as well with New Me being my favourite but Rewind also has become one of my favorite ballads of the year, it’s so good! I was a casual WJSN listener before this album, I listened to their music but never got really invested in this group. However, because this album was good, I would want to get more invested in their discography that I have yet to listen to.

DAY6 – The Book of Us : Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love (7th Mini Album) —
I properly got into DAY6 during their last sub-unit which had an incredible title track and really good b-sides. I was pretty pumped for this comeback and it undoubtedly didn’t disappoint. They’ve absolutely nailed the flip for the Entropy/Negentropy pair. Whereas Entropy felt like utter chaos, full of energy and an almost scatter-brained attack of styles, Negentropy has a much lower energy and a more relaxed, yet bitter sweet, feeling. I get the feeling that everything is coming back to normal but that doesn’t mean everything is happy. All of that said, after 5 listens through, I do find this is a pretty solid album. I greatly applaud the structure and found myself liking each song more than the last. Overall, it has more of a subtle variety than the chaos of entropy, but I think they covered an appropriate spectrum for the narrative of this series — both sonically and lyrically. while it’s clearly polarising fans, the synths are a coherent sonic motif that I’m absolutely here for and give the album.

NU’EST – Romanticize (2nd album) —
INSIDE OUT is everything and MORE, previews shot expectations through the roof. Don’t Wanna Go was a decent alternative ballad. Korean version of DRIVE was pretty refreshing to listen. Took forever to release such a magnificent song (definitely one of their best, JP version did not get nearly enough attention). Jonghyun and Mingi solos are their best yet. Glad Jonghyun is singing more, his tone and voice are so different but compliment others so nicely. Aron’s is a touching one — Over, confirmed album of the year so far. Ignore bias, I’ve heard plenty of excellent 2021 ones recently, this is extra special. It was worth waiting a year for, pretty much. Dongho voice so strong, gave me an aftershock. All members contributed some mighty passionate vocals, so much emotion.

P1Harmony – DISHARMONY : BREAK OUT (2nd Mini Album) —
These guys are something else. From their debut onwards, it’s like they completely skipped the rookie phase and went straight for expertly-produced charisma bombshells. This mini album is an excellent continuation of their style and a showcase of their strengths, for sure. Will say that I have inverted feelings regarding my personal preferences for this record. On their debut, I loved the title track and thought the b-sides were a bit lacklustre in comparison. Here, I feel like the b-sides completely steal the show, both in musical quality and in production levels, it’s an interesting experience. Can’t complain though, that just means that there’s more to like here.

ENHYPEN – BORDER : CARNIVAL (2nd Mini Album) —
So here’s the thing, I wasn’t a avid viewer of Bighit’s first survival show (except the episode where BTS came as guests, because you know? BTS). Their first mini was amazing, title track really defined their music style (that seems to be carrying on here and getting more clear as to what genre they’re more leaning on) and b-sides were also really good. As for this EP, god I love bighit producers/composers (Slow Rabbit and Adora, I’m looking at you). — And though Enhypen’s only released 2 albums but so far if I had to associate one with these Hybe groups it would be: Enhypen x wonderkid, BTS x pdogg, TXT x slow rabbit, and ofcourse there’s a lot of overlap. I don’t really get into a group that easily especially with little discography but Enhypen is starting to make me switch gears.

Drunk-Dazed was a good choice for a title track. The pre-chorus is such a quintessential bighit sound. I especially love the choreography, looking forward to all their music show performances. As for Fever, Jungwon’s voice in the beginning reminded me of the start of Let Me In. A slower sensual jam. I’ll have to listen to it a couple times to really form an opinion on it, but it was a nice listen. Especially appreciated how clear all the boys’ voices were. I have been listening to Not For Sale a lot lately, musically a bit different from the rest of the album but not so much that it’s dissonant. This sounds so 2nd gen kpop to be honest, it’s really sweet and chill.

My only complaint is that the album is too short, but that goes for all albums that have less than 5 full-length songs (excluding intros/outros). Hopefully we’ll get a full-length later this year or early next year! If they keep this up, they’re bound to be one of my favourite groups.

ITZY – Guess Who (4th Mini Album) —
It’s today’s hot release. Honestly writing, ITZY’s music style is not my cup of tea. I couldn’t get a hang of their last EP’s title track Not Shy (I liked Wannabe though, especially the instrumental and dance break). However, I really liked their b-sides especially Be In Love and Surf. Maybe it’s just my preference, I think those two tracks really defined ITZY’s potential — and so I was curious what their new releases would be like. Mafia or In The Morning? whatever spotify track suggests the title track is — was very overpowered by their rap line. It will still take time for me to get a hang of it. This made me think, maybe their transition from rap to vocals felt really disorganised to me with their previous releases. This one, however, felt like it was done more smoothly in comparison. Don’t think I’m a fan, I liked the performance though.

Sorry Not Sorry should have been the title track. Each member completely stood out and the beat and lyrics slapped. Shocked they teased the verse in the album spoiler as I was convinced that was the chorus. Kidding Me was a stable b-side, was not my favourite in the album but definitely doesn’t affect the quality. Chaeryeong’s rap verse was really good, the instrumental break in the end sounded like it’s meant for a dance break. Wild Wild West’s beginning Mariachi-acoustic-guitar-like intro and footsteps sounded pretty creative, this song definitely sounded very signature ITZY. Similar to Kidding Me, it was very solid but wasn’t in my favourites for the album.

Shoot was a pretty interesting addition to the album, it sucks me in with its hitting instrumentals and melodic structure. I liked how the girls’ vocals just flow and the way they pronounce and emphasize certain vowels and words, especially in the chorus, gives the song the extra flavour. The song from start to finish feels cohesive and knows exactly what it wants to be and delivers because of it. I liked the chill yet sassy, playful vibe I get from this song. Would love to see promotion stages for this, feel like it’ll sound even better with the toned down autotune.
Tennis (0:0) is definitely a successor to SURF. Songs like this are up my alley and I cannot stress this enough that ITZY’s vocal potential is again nicely showcased here. I really liked vocals in coordination with bass guitar instrumentation used here. I know ITZY have a particular sound and aesthetic and this isn’t really it and I acknowledge that but if they ever just wanted to drop a track like this as a title I would not complain.

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Wheel Of The Year — #NaPoWriMo / #GloPoWriMo FINAL DAY / Day 30

Another year of consistently writing poems for a month, thank you napowrimo for creative prompts and letting me learn different types of poetic writing styles. Lastly, featured image credit goes to Vera’s album photobook scan.


A choice along one direction leads
to consequential choices based on quasi-essential needs.
And countless more directions;
some more pointless than they seem.
Each with unique-essential implications;
all random in their themes.

And when faced with new directions,
we all enjoy the equating means.
There are sub-directions and sudden choices;
some with supplicatory pleas.
Yes, implication’s long duration is an invisible machine.
A meta-physical motivation to a person and their genes.

Personally, my own choices corresponded
to these unlimited extremes.
To these tiny little time-transporters
that fit us into teams.
And I thought I’d reached a choice;
was on its corresponding way.
I followed down its passageways and subdomains
for consequential days.

And from the way that we all network,
I have come to the belief
that our decisions implicate
the parts that aggregate beneath.
Yes, every person has these combinations
aggregate throughout their lives.
And by the afore-mentioned complications,
They eventually divide to warring sides.

One side is destruction;
On the other, love resides.
If you make the wrong decision
then these forces, they collide.
To catastrophic implications
and such damage done inside.

But if you’re able to pause for just a moment
and hold them side-by-side.
You will find the sort of peace
that only finds those who have died.

And suddenly life becomes so simple;
no more chances need be applied.
Just one choice and two directions
Lie in front of your own eyes.
You feel quite amazing in
proportion to this new sensation.
As one choice takes you to destruction;
the other leads you to salvation.
It’s the truest self-realization
and it’s there for you to take it.
There’s a chance of your damnation
but, see, only you can make it.

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One Night On A Windowsill — #NaPoWriMo DAY 29

The distant street
Was a graveyard of dead stars.
Each streetlight a system of worlds,
So many lives between each mote of light,
Indistinguishable in their unique love,
Bespoke hate, and the drama of the modern age.

Drunk laughter behind transparent
Double doors. Another hotel balcony,
Another cloud behind the canopy
Of marijuana eyes
To unsettle me from the crowd.

She points out, when you look closely
You can see the disorder
Amongst all constellations
Of life and love and litter;
Of discarded Coke cans
And temporary highs.

She says this is not a scene
To imbue the thoughts of a present mind,
More to baulk at the incompletion
Of one thousand to-do lists;
A million reasons why
You should just stay inside.

She says you can see the human swell
Of ignorance, our city lights
Blotting out the stars
In a black ocean of broken politic
And irretrievable fault lines-
Divisions between us all.
Lives twisted with professional smiles
And eyes lit with stunning indifference.

Still, I have felt charity and warmth
On the doorstep of lunatics and fascists.
I have read the love of life
In faces of those who gave up.
I have recounted countless artists
Who saw beauty
In moments that precisely lacked it.

I have spent too many nights
In anaesthesia,
Fleeing each instance of feeling
And terror; all the tremors
That tell me I am still alive.

Continued to stare at the lights
Long after her voice
And the laughter inside had gone.

Heard waves in the traffic.
A world so large, so expansive,
It can never truly sleep.
Every broken heart,
Every war-torn land,
Every promotion,
Every one-night stand.

I wonder what would happen
If we all stood still.
If we all took one moment
To observe the motion
That unfolds beneath
Our static windowsill.

If we all took one moment
To recover our loss.
The wars that we won,
The feelings, forgot.
The hell we retain;
Our paradise, lost.

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Questions From A Nihilist — #NaPoWriMo DAY 28

We miss out the dimensions
the way we see the world
It is all present but
I am just missing the perception
It is all lost in time and space
how different would it be?
You see me with your lens?
how much do you, apart from the face?

It is all given,
Various notes are taken
I am just in my zone
with thoughts I have grown
I am biased
my limits of knowledge
how much could I gather?
Is ignorance to be blamed?

Everyone is online
seeking information
is it all present
what is the real design?
Do we just exist?
a body and no purpose?
are we as important,
Like everyone insists?

And as life ceases
and cycle proceeds
The time passes on its pace
It is all forgotten
what intervention?
when would it come?
the truth is present
but still remains unseen

who is the winner?
who is the loser?
ask the ashes, dust and paper.

the papers inked from history
what does it really tell?

the victor of half the world,
he had to surrender too,
who is the real victor,
when the time came?
and even the greatest empire fell!

A single word in history,
maybe not even that,
like losing identity
with a swish of a spell

Ink the story,
blue, black, deep
where I haven’t even been?
My ancestor’s glory
won’t keep the gleam
the light will fade off
the coming years will tell.

A select, an opportunity, a calling
it is coming with the wind?
but what does it really mean,
what does it sell?

wise words,
and nothing, well!

No name for the fame,
a letter to begin,
but it is the end, expel.

My end, and yours
we’d leave the world,
leave behind our body
what of the legacy,
is there even one?
I’d be in places,
earth, heaven or hell!

would it matter even?
I am going off empty hand
my hands that type won’t accompany even

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A poem of intrusive thoughts — #NaPoWriMo DAY 27

Have you ever been so lonely that you felt quite close to
And your thoughts went racing backwards to the happy by gone
To the days when you were twenty-something, fit and sprightly and
care free
And no challenge seemed too daunting you’d try climb the
highest tree?

Have you ever felt nostalgic and your thoughts went far away
To the school yard in the lunch hour where you used to romp
and play
With your middle school friends from the old days have you wondered
where are they
Have they too grown slow and settled do they show their
years in grey?

Have you ever been in a bar room on a night out with your
Felt the lilt of drunk man’s laughter an intrusive sort of
And a sudden rush of sadness bring the teardrops to your
And you go off someplace where your feelings you disguise

And back home you think about it in the peace and in the
Whilst the others were so happy I felt down a bit tonight
And you feel you’d one too many and you blame it on the beer
But you’ve often drunk more liquor and tonight your thoughts
were clear.

Have you ever at house party asked yourself what brought you
And you feel obliged to linger, though you’d like to
And the people seem so friendly but you still feel out of
And you get the strangest feeling yours is not a welcome

Have you ever been on the train home after working hard all day?
Felt your effort has been wasted and at home you ought to
Whilst everyone else are in a good place, you must struggle all
the way
And about that woman you work for you don’t have good word to

Have you ever felt friends really not your friend
at all
Why they often pass your house by and they seldom ever call
Except when they’re after something and for them there is some
And thoughthey claim you are their friend in your heart
the doubt remain?

Have you ever been in the company of a humorous sort of
And there were peals of laughter when he cracked a funny
But the punch line seemed to slip you it went way above your
And you were left to wonder why they laughed at what he’d

Have you ever watched a young man kiss his girlfriend on the
And you thought him a bit cheeky felt he ought be more
But you silently were wishing he were you and you were he
And your feelings on the matter only sprung from jealousy?

Did you ever meet young lady and she smiled and looked your
And your ego felt inflated she had helped to make your day
Till you realized much later for you she could never fall
She was just a friendly stranger and no feelings there at

All these sort of situations you will meet along life’s way
And this game of life and living is no easy game to play
In a simple situation a great challenge we can see
And this thing called human feelings is too big a thing for

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(parody) The Cake Not Eaten — #NaPoWriMo DAY 26

Prompt: we’re supposed to be writing a parody poem today, this was my first of many attempts (thanks to all the prompts this month, I’ve been learning to write a lot of new poem styles). On DAY 1, we were asked to make our own version of Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken — today I’m using the same poem for the parody. Thanks in advance for reading. Featured image artwork credit goes to Still Here Still Life.


Two caked I knew would taste so good
and sorry I could not gobble both
And be one customer, long I sat
and looked down at one as hard as I could
to where it sat clear on the menu;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
and having perhaps the better cream
because it was whipped and full of air;
though as for that, the waiter there
recommended them really about the same,
And both that evening equally lay untouched,
chilled on the cake rack.
Oh, I kept the cookies for another day!
Yet knowing how whey leads on to weigh,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two cakes I knew would taste so good,
and I — I took the one less calorified,
and that has made all the difference.

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Song Of A Cricket — #NaPoWriMo DAY 25

Context: the prompt urged us to write about an occasion, I spun this one around different people going through different emotions on the same night. Thanks in advance for reading. Also today’s featured image credit goes to Kim Hokyoung


The cricket sang a sad song tonight.
I never understood what he was saying.
All I heard was mere chirping
but I knew it sang a sad song.

The night was cold
and an old man was sleeping in the couch
The occasion was his birthday,
The TV was left on, cake untouched on the table
and the old man was snoring.

On the other room,
An old woman was sleeping on her bed.
Back from a funeral home,
Her eyes were now dry with tears she shed,
the lamp left on, her eyeglasses on the side table
and the old woman was sound asleep.

The cricket sang a sad song tonight.
I never understood what he was saying.
All I heard was mere chirping
but I knew it sang a sad song.

The night was warm.
A middle aged man who had a beard was looking at his things,
Signed a paper, that legally ended things.
His eyes were on his lap,
trying to figure out what should go to the bin.
Old photos stacked, a few movie tickets he held,
an old rusty ring
and memories of the past that he wanted to bring back.

The night was warm.
A woman who had long wavy hair sat outside her house,
stars over her, the moon shining bright
Back from her graduation party,
Wondered what was next in sight
No money, no resources, only debts in line,
The woman was under the light yet she felt otherwise

The cricket sang a sad song tonight.
I never understood what he was saying.
All I heard was mere chirping
but I knew it sang a sad song.

Because somewhere, where the cricket sings,
hearts are broken and left untended.
Because somewhere, where the cricket sings,
people leave people, nothing being said

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End of a decade, start of an age — #NaPoWriMo DAY 24

Context: I am deviating from today’s prompt, but decided on picking today’s topic in a pretty interesting way. I remember watching a scene from a series where a group of friends were on a road trip and they all ask a question each and let the title of the song playing on the radio to decide. Now, in this era we don’t really have radio, in it’s authentic form — so I let my spotify playlist shuffle and decide today’s prompt. The song I got was Long Live by Taylor Swift, hence title of today’s poem.

And ofcourse before we begin, today’s featured artist is Choi Jisu, depicting a scene of the pandemic (which I thought was fit for today’s theme for the poem). This artwork is part of a collaborative work among artists around the globe by The New Yorker titled ‘postcards from a pandemic’ (please please go check out all these beautiful and introspective artworks).


We fought nature and lost
time and time again
What it was the year
of flash floods and heavy rains
cyclones with many names
the earth shaking,
my feet on the cracks,
was that fire still burning,
the forest all gone
the animals lost in it
oh it could not be any worse
but there comes the locusts

volcano turning up
out of blue brimming up,
the storm is coming,
it is inevitable
where to escape,
the disasters striking every corner
which direction to follow,
Towards the sky
I look for help, I try
To search for the silver line
around all the dark clouds.

Three hundred and sixty
the days blurred away
I have had so many thoughts
I have lost them in time and places
no memories come to mind
only insecurities in the face
all my connections hard to find
It has been a surreal time.

The lush green picturesque view framed in mind
It is the year twenty twenty
And now almost halfway through twenty twenty one,
No sunshine touched my face
up and lost like every other day
nobody new came in my way
same struggles and my prayers
My hair four inches longer
the only thing grown this year

Twenty fourth year of mine,
Approached and wasted away
The previous decade had me
losing hope with time
I am just curiously watching
what new problems
would headline the rest of this one
A new decade to remember?

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The Ones Who Feel Everything — #NaPoWriMo DAY 23

Context: today’s prompt urges us to answer the question any poem of our choice possesses or to respond to it in our own way, be it any line off it or anything about it. Today I chose a poem written by a friend, unfortunately I won’t be able to link his poem here for personal reasons from his side. But to give you guys a little context, his poem asked what would it be like if someone lived in an introvert’s head. — And I, present you my answer.

Today’s featured image is from cartoonist and artist, Debbie Tung, she portrayes herself in them. Do check out more of her work, I’m sure many of you guys will find them very relatable, as have I.


We are the ones who are hard to understand
We’ll be the last ones in the movie theatre
because the ending scene made us cry
We’ll stop to smell the roses
because they deserve to be appreciated
We are the ones who will take the time
to get to know what keeps you up at night
We are the ones who will imagine
an entire future of adventures
with the people who show us love

We are the ones who will love you more
than we love ourselves sometimes
We will give you our strongest parts
in hopes that we can make things better
We desire to see you become the best you
to make sure that you always feel our love
We crave affection and appreciation
We give a piece of ourselves away every day
sometimes to people who don’t deserve it
Our love is easy to take advantage of
and sometimes we don’t get back
the love that we give away

When we hurt, we crumble and fall apart
We constantly have to put ourselves back together
We are more fragile than we like to give off
We carry our emotions on our sleeves
Our flaws have the ability to consume us
We aren’t afraid to give you the world
but we are afraid to feel unloved
We want you to see what we see
We want you to understand where we’re coming from

We are people with conscience, sometimes that conscience stays for far too long,
We are stronger than we look like
Not everyone can feel the way we feel
We feel too much, too often
We are not hard to love
We are something not everyone knows how to love
But you need to remember that
your worth does not change just because
no one is there to appreciate you, to remind you

You are not any less lovable
You are the most lovable person in the world
You are a light that the world needs
Your kindness is not your weakness
You do not need to change for anyone’s acceptance
You do not need to stop giving love
just because you don’t get any back
Your heart is the best thing about you

And one day when you least expect it
someone will notice you from across the room
and know exactly how to love you
They will think all of these things are beautiful
They will deserve the love you can give
They will fill the empty space in your heart
But for now, don’t stop feeling
We are the ones who feel everything so deeply
We are the ones who can’t give up because
We are the ones who will teach the world
how to love

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Childhood – #NaPoWriMo DAY 22

We might be known for our glorified past,
How we went out and played real games outside.
And then time just flew so fast,
There are a lot of things, now, we can’t ride.

We grew up knowing society had rules.
TV said to study, go to college, and live happily.
But what unfolded before us is kinda rude,
A painful slap of some dose of a new bossoming reality.

As every generation may argue,
Ours may claim to be really confused.
Memories of cycle rides and skies of different hues,
Rapidly changed by virtual abuse.

We still try to live authentic though,
Thinking wishfully that we can escape the Net.
Go to places, do things, go back and forth,
Brushing off every little regret.

But who’re we actually fooling?
The Net is inescapable,
Lose interconnectedness and you’ll cease existing,
A feeling that is plain horrible.

We’ll figure this out someday,
That’s what we tell ourselves,
But as we live each day,
We acknowledge that a little help wouldn’t hurt.